IO3 Description

IO3 aims to provide teachers with an easy-access guideline in how to transfer them in-person teaching materials to online teaching. Its sharing of best practice will improve teachers' competence in online teaching, while ensuring that individual pockets of knowledge generated during the COVID-19 lockdown are retained and disseminated on a wide basis. This will reduce the number of teachers having to "reinvent the wheel" through trial and error due to a lack of clear guidance. Specifically, IO3 aims to:

- share national and European best practice in online teaching

- guide teachers in the technical aspects of transferring teaching materials and curricula planned for classroom-based sessions to an online format

- provide a list of useful open and free resources that are useful for offering distance / digital learning

- capture and maintain skills and tips gathered by teachers in an ad hoc way during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.

Technical Guidelines

Download the Technical Guidelines here!

Useful applications for creating lesson plans and interactive activities